New release of Arlo Flys!

I’m happy to announce that today marks the day of my latest release “Arlo Flys.” This was a labor of love, an inspiration, and a life transforming project that has lasted an entire year.



The recording was made at Tiny Telephone Studios in San Francisco almost a year ago with Scott McDowell as engineer extraordinaire. Scott also mastered and mixed the final album at Hyde Street Studio C (many thanks Scott!)

The final mastering took a long time mainly because of the emotional impact the recording had on me as I listened to it after we recorded it. The songs kept bringing up powerful memories of my dog Arlo, who at the time had recently passed on. I began to hear his voice and feel his Spirit in the songs.

I also began to see many pictures of him, Crucita, Tooney, Tanya, my Mom and Dad, Joey and many other people we had known and places that we had experienced together. The process was heart wrenching to say the least and it was a major part of my grieving process to listen to the music and hear his Spirit in the sounds, remembering his calm, clear and unconditionally loving presence.


He is forever in my heart and I’m eternally grateful for his presence, guidance and love.

And do hope that you enjoy Arlo’s spirit and love as you listen here.


6 thoughts on “New release of Arlo Flys!

  1. Robert it has been inspiring to hear your album dedicated to Arlo. It is truly heart centered. We have listened to your pod casts for many years. You are awesome. You have helped us in so many ways just to “see” and “be” with a little more clarity. Thank you for sharing your truth in word and music.

    • These are kind and moving words. Thank you for your support and openness to awakening to your true Self. I’m glad you like the new album, it was truly a life changing project that keeps opening my heart everyday.Love Robert

  2. Hi Robert, I am looking forward to meeting you this September at the Medicine Park Annual Flute Festival. Thank You for sharing your beautiful NAF flute music site with me. Let me know if you have any questions I can help answer regarding the festival.

  3. Hi Robert

    I was just wanting to know what inspired the song “Sage Runner”. It’s honestly a very nice song, I’m just curious because that’s my name. Also your music sounds very indigenous :)

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