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Robert’s sacred journey with the flute began in 1993 after hearing the haunting sounds at an art gallery in Sedona, Arizona. Upon hearing the music, something resonated deeply within Robert’s soul, as if he had heard the music before, perhaps another life. Instead of purchasing a CD of the music, he decided to find a flute and play the music for himself.

Sitting in his own studio/gallery in Sedona, Robert allowed the flute to teach him the way. Spending time in nature alone, listening to the wind, birds and animals he learned by imitating the sounds of nature. This created a deep connection to the earth, nature, animals and Source that began Robert’s own long journey of healing from abuse, alcoholism, depression and drug use.

It was the shamanic practice of becoming like a hollow bone and allowing the sound to simply flow through him that facilitated his healing. The practice began the removal of inner blocks, negativity, pain, loss and sadness that finally brought a healing and inner peace to him over a period of many years. Robert now shares his gift of healing to help others relax, transform and mend their tired souls. The sounds of the native flute can be the panacea and medicine for a peaceful and compassionate life change.




I will be performing here 7/

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