I make a special kind of flute, they are made of a type of reed found here in the Verde Valley and my home town of Jerome. Each flute is crafted from a piece of reed that has been given a prayer and offering of tobacco or cornmeal before harvesting. The flutes hang out on my alters in the studio and my bedroom, they actually sleep in the same room with me before I begin working on them.

They are not meant for playing with other tuned instruments, as each flute has it’s own unique voice and tuning. I listen to them and they tell me what to do, it’s a symbiotic relationship and there is never any forcing to achieve a special key or note. This gentle process takes time and patience, each flute is made solely for the individual and their personal journey and healing.

Whatever song arrives in the flute is meant for that persons spirit.

If you would like to order a flute or have more questions please email me. robert (at) aquietmind(dot) com


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